What is the connection between lottery numbers
and meditation

What is the connection between lotteries and yoga meditation?

The connection is a number called the Divine Proportion. The Divine proportion is an infinitely random number sequence. Scientists have found that this infinitely random number has life supporting qualities. In the Ninth Siddhi, we show that a lottery number sequence is also infinitely random and for all practical purposes has the same life supporting qualities. We link mantras to the life supporting qualities of these infinitely random number sequences.

Think of it like this, the super radiance effect derived from group meditation (defined in the Ninth Siddhi) is similar to light because coherence experiments show it to be so and because we can measure the effects of super radiance in social indices. Many studies support this effect. Normal light is broken up into its component parts when we shine a beam of light through a prism. When this is done, the beam breaks up into all the various colors of the light spectrum. We can say these colors are a quality of light. Science has also discovered that each color is defined by frequencies or vibrations. If we want to tune in to a specific color, we must find matter that reflects back this frequency or combination of frequencies to observe the color. The Unified Field is no different. If we could shine a beam of super radiance through a prism of life, we would see a spectrum of colors or qualities that comprised the beam. But, instead of colors we would see the qualities that manifest the Siddhis. Each Siddhi (power) has its own unique quality associated with it. To use this quality of Being, we use a Mantra to vibrate back this quality just like we found matter to reflect back a color. In this way, we use Mantras to get close to a specific quality of the Source of Thought.

In the Ninth Siddhi, we are looking for a quality of being shared with the Divine Proportion and the lottery number sequence. We can use this information to predict/manifest a winning lottery number.

Watch the video below for more information on the Divine Proportion sometimes called the Golden Ratio.