World Peace and The Ninth Siddhi

If at least 1% of a city’s population is meditating and experiencing Transcendental Being daily, reducing violence in the city, how many meditators would it take to bring about a reduction of violence in the world? In other words, is world peace possible through the super radiance effect generated through Transcendental Meditation? The Maharishi believes that it is possible.

In July 1986, the Maharishi unveiled his program to create world peace, which includes a strong initiative to create large groups of meditators on every continent and in every nation. It is believed by the Maharishi and scientists that if a large enough group of meditators could be taught to meditate, peace could be brought to the world through the Global Maharishi Effect.

In 1987, the Maharishi set fourth his criteria for world peace; “(1) friendship between the super powers, (2) a cease fire in the Iran-Iraq war, (3) improved international relations, and (4) an end to terrorism.” To date much progress has been made toward these goals but more meditators need to be taught in different parts of the world to create lasting world peace. By practicing the Ninth Siddhi, we hope to play a part in this global effort.

In the Maharishi’s effort to create world peace, The Spiritual Regeneration Movement tried to maintain thousands of meditators around the world in hotels for extended periods of time. Sometimes meditators stayed on one location for as long as four months, in groups ranging from 30 to 400. Eventually, financing became an issue. Dr. Wallace reported, “…the financial burden of continuing this project became a burden. The various groups in Iran, Rhodesia, Nicaragua, and other countries were forced to pull out.”

The practice of the Ninth Siddhi will bring an integrated life as well as an abundance of wealth and prosperity to its practitioners. This wealth and abundance must be used in part to fund world peace. This will occur through the concept of “right action.” As a matter of fact, one of the reasons for the development of a new Siddhi by Dr. Gopala was for the establishment of meditation centers around the world. Through the Global Maharishi Effect, global peace will be manifested.

By practicing the Ninth Siddhi, practitioners’ believe they can help bring about World Peace.

In the video below, John Hagelin discusses the studies that were conducted proving that if 1% of a cities population is meditating, a significant reduction in violent crime occurs. Dr. Hagelin is a world renowned physicist and an expert in Quantum Mechanics. He coined the term “Unified Field” He was the first to report that the Unified Field is one and the same with Transcendental Awareness, linking forever the Transcendent with Dark Energy. Thus, he took the Ninth Siddhi meditation technique out of the mystical and into the bright light of science.