What is a Siddhi?

In the Tradition Section of The Ninth Siddhi book, we discuss the basis of the system, namely to set an energized intention close to the Source of Thoughtin order to predict, prophesize, or heal. The technique is discussed through the tradition of Eastern thought, the Jewish Tradition, and the new Christian Gnostic Gospels. This technique has been used by people of all faiths to predict and heal for over 4,000 years.

In the East, the technique was also used to teach levitation and invisibility as well as six other yogic powers. Today we use this technique to predict the lottery, and thus, it is the ninth technique or the ninth yogic power. We choose to use the Sanskrit word “Siddhi” instead of the western word “power,” so we call the system The Ninth Siddhi.

Please watch the video below. In this video, the Maharishi discusses the levitation Siddhi, one of the original eight, with Merv Griffin.