How I won the Daily 3 lottery game.

Below is the author’s story of how he used the The Ninth Siddhi technique to win the three number game. All who practice the Ninth Siddhi are encouraged to share their struggles, tribulations, and triumphs with others in the community so all may benefit. Find the authors worksheet and chart below, which relate to the story to follow.

The author begins:

“As I began to use the Ninth Siddhi technique and mantra, I was really pleased with the results. On March 13, five days after starting, I played 561 for three draws because I was going out of town and would not be able to get a ticket in Michigan. On March 13, the actual lottery number was 517, so my 561 earned 20 points. On March 14, the actual lottery number was 165, so my 561 won $41.00 winning the boxed bet. On March 15, the actual lottery number was 566, so again my 561 earned 30 points just missing hitting the number straight.

On the very next day, I predicted 041, and the actual lottery number reported was 049. I was certain I would predict the actual lottery number getting all the numbers in the correct order the next day. This did not happen. Over the next few weeks, I continued to get eerily close, missing by one number many times.

For example, a few days after winning the boxed bet on March 19, I played 617. The actual number was 607.

On March 24, I played 606. The actual number was 609.

On March 26, I played 032. The actual number was 034.

On April 3, I played 368. The actual number was 365.

On April 5, I played 674. The actual number was 679.

On April 8, I played 107. The actual number was 101.

Finally, I stopped trying and just allowed it to happen and played 370. The actual number was 370.

In the appendix of The Ninth Siddhi, you can review the Michigan Lottery - Winning Lottery Numbers scan and the scans of the tickets that I played.

I believe we can learn a lot from the first use of the Ninth Siddhi 3 number game technique. I believe I could have won quicker if I had been able to follow my own advice. Clearly, the technique was working. I was hitting more numbers more often than chance would have it. But, I was clearly blocking that last number. I felt pressure to win quickly. I was, after all, writing the book. How would it look if I was not able to win within a week or so? I allowed this pressure to effect my ego, I was trying too hard. A month had already gone by. At this point an excellent chart was not possible. As soon as the pressure to succeed was gone, on the verge of giving up, I predicted the number correctly without trying.

The experience now seems like a microcosm of life. Most of us suffer from fear of failure or success or anxiety about the future. We have many reasons to not succeed in our efforts to attain wealth, prosperity, and abundance but very few reasons to succeed. As I learned, we must allow success to happen. Fear, worry, and uncertainty only get in the way. I like the way the Maharishi states these ideas. He says, “You must not be attached to the fruits of your actions.” In this way, we lessen the influence of our egos and accomplish more.

This idea of effortlessness is a very difficult concept to understand, much less internalize. After all, we are told since childhood to try harder at school and sports. Try harder to improve your behavior. Try harder at love and romance. Try harder to make more money. Try harder at quitting a bad habit like smoking. We are forever trying harder to improve our lives. It is no wonder that doing something that is effortless is hard for us to do. The ego wants to hold on to its power. It will never let go. Even in the highest states of awareness, our egos are present. The difference is that we identify with transcendental awareness in the higher levels of consciousness, not with our egos. We cannot be so attached to the objects of our perception or to the fruits of our actions that we block our intention for wealth and prosperity. We experience a little transcendence every time we practice the Ninth Siddhi. Getting an energized intention close to the source of thought enabled me to hit more numbers than chance would allow. However, in trying to get that last number correct, I choked. I forced it. It wasn’t until I stopped trying and allowed it to happen effortlessly that I succeeded. Much can be learned about ourSelves in this prediction endeavor.

The correct numbers will come to you just like they came to me if you do not let your ego get in the way. That is, if you do not, at the last second, try. Relax and allow a life of wealth and abundance to come to you through the practice of the Ninth Siddhi. Do not try, allow. The practice is effortless. Do less, accomplish more.

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