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The Ninth Siddhi



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Ninth Yogic Power

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The Tradition

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Chapter 2

• The Bhagavad-Gita

•History of the Lost Chord

• What is Being

• How to experience Transcendental Being

• Seven states of Consciousness

• The Physiology of Consciousness

• The Maharishi Effect

• The World Peace Project

• The Ninth Siddhi

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• The Kabbalah

• The Torah

• Abstract for God

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• The Ninth Siddhi and the Torah

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The New Christian Gospels

• The Nag Hammadi Find

• Gnosis – Self Knowledge

• Realization of the Potential

• Brotherhood of the Cross

• The Ninth Siddhi in the New Christianity

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Globalization of Being

• Trinity of Peace

• Chapter 1, Verse 1, Line 1

• A Lullaby for Mary

• The Last Tearful Conflict

• Principal of Peace

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The Science of Being

• The Unified Field

• The God Particle

• Dark Matter and Energy

• The Science behind the Siddhis

The Craft

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The Craft

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• The Divine Proportion

• The Lottery Number Sequence

• Laxmi’s Mantra

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Becoming an Initiate

• How to Use the Sound File

• Mind and Body

• Breathing and the Body

• Using Laxmi’s Mantra

• The Point System

• Charting the Points

•My Worksheet and Chart

Chapter 9

Becoming a Soldier of Peace

• Arjuna’s Mantra

• Four Number Game Point System

• Becoming a Solder of Peace

• My Four Number Worksheet and Chart

Chapter 10

The Mega Games

• Working in Groups

• Mary’s Lullaby Analyzed

• Ninth Siddhi Groups

• The Group Worksheet

• Working with Matrices

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A lullaby for Mary, Page 79, in the Globalization of Being section.

A Lullaby for Mary was written to show the power of an intention set close to the Source of Thought by a group.

A Lullaby for Mary

The positive and negative forces of life shaped the destiny of Mary during the days of the living Christ. During the time that Christ walked the earth, he produced a significant Super Radiance Effect similar to today’s abundance of Being. To show the tremendous power of an energized intention set close to the Source of Thought by a group in a time of great revival, look to the passion of Mary. In the early Christian gospels, Mary Magdalene was an apostle of Christ.

She was strong of spirit but weak of flesh. The new gospels state that Jesus healed her from disease.

In the process of healing Mary, some amount of the healing quality of Transcendental Being remained with Mary.

This should not be surprising since we know that residual Being remains in our hearts and minds after every meditation. But in this case, since Jesus had perfected all the major and minor Siddhis, the Super Radiance Effect was palpable. In the act of healing Mary, Jesus created a state of consciousness in Mary that allowed her to maintain Transcendental Being while involved in activity. That is, during sleep and waking state, she maintained contact with transcendental awareness. This state of consciousness is defined in the Bhagavad-Gita as Cosmic Consciousness. In this way, she became a healer and practiced priestly rites. Consequently, she became one of Christ’s favored apostles along with Thomas for whom Christ said, “I am not your Master” meaning Thomas had attained Self awareness just like Mary.

But not all the apostles had the experience of Transcendental Being. The Gospel of Philip relates this story about Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

“…the companion of the Savior is Mary Magdalene.

But Christ loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on her mouth. The rest of the disciples were offended…..They said to Christ, “Why do you love her more than all of us? The living Jesus answered and said to them, “Why do I not love you as I love her?”

Thus, the war against the feminine began in the Orthodox Church. Never again would women be given tribute, priestly rites, or honor within the Church.

These misunderstandings that God’s love is someplace outside of our own hearts, outside of our own experience, breeds jealousies, resentment, treachery, deceit, covetousness, and enviousness. These negative forces fester until fear and hatred matures into blood torn flesh, bloody feuds, and the extinction of life. Pope Gregory I “the Father of Christian Worship” so angry and hateful that “God loved Mary more” wrote her into history as a prostitute, a whore and an unholy woman. Approximately 600 years after Pope Gregory, the Orthodox established the Court of the Inquisition. The most intuitive woman, the midwives, and healers, possibly the most spiritually gifted of Gnostic woman, were labeled heretics and hundreds of thousands were killed at the hands of the Brotherhood. These killings were brutal, bloody, and torturous often times administered in public. It was as if the Brotherhood of the Cross were trying to exorcise the natural gifts of healing and prophecy out of the souls of these radiant spirits. Such was the agony and passion of Mary.

Today, The Ninth Siddhi sings a perfect song of love to all those who in the past were labeled prostitutes, whores, and unholy women.

To all the misunderstood and abused, practice the Ninth Siddhi. Turn your attention inward toward Bliss, love, and peace. Regain your tribute, exercise your priestly rites, and return your honor. Live with a dignity Mary never saw.