Preparing  for a Technological Solution for World Peace

You have found the web site devoted to The Ninth Siddhi: Preparing for a Technological Solution for world Peace. Written by Larry Vingelman, the book advocates for a nonviolent world by activating an invincible force having a transcendental source.

Can World Peace be obtained through a technology that supports an invincible force based on a transcendental source of energy? Is humanity’s world view approaching a paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions? Are our concepts about reality and human nature about to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science? The Ninth Siddhi: Preparing for a technological Solution for World Peace illustrates and answers these questions.

Today, violence is palpable around the world. Unstable nuclear enabled regimes taunt and threaten large nation states with annihilation. Religious madmen kill and murder indiscriminately in the streets of Europe and North America. In the United States, school children armed with military weaponry kill and maim other school children for no apparent reason.

The Ninth Siddhi advocates for a new path to a nonviolent world. A path without automatic weapons, chemical bombs, or nuclear missiles. It is clear that gun laws, sanctions, diplomacy, or the strongest political action will not bring peace to the world. Reason will not prevail. A new path is necessary that leads all loving families to a nonviolent world and a more peaceful ideology. The technological solution for world peace is dependent on activating and inspiring world populations to walk this path together. The new technology actualizes ancient wisdom from antiquity which states that when war, suffering, and terror grow, an invincible force of nature moves to set man’s vision right and establish a way of life, living, and loving, that again will fulfil the high purpose of human existence.

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